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Le Marchesine Dinner with Lyra Fine Wines

Join Andrea Biatta of Le Marchesine in Lombardia & Cristian Valbruzzoli of Lyra Fine Wines for a course in "How to be Italian!"  Le Marchesine's sparkling Metodo Classico wines will be featured for all tables throughout the night.

A limited seating, 4-course dinner will begin at 7pm with Andrea, Cristian & Emanuele Bartolini of La Balena, as your hosts. Dinner includes 3 wines from Le Marchesine along with a glass of Capichera of Sardegna & Piaggia of Carmignano, both part of the Lyra portfolio.

A night "alla Salute!" - to drink beautiful Italian wines. "Cheers!" to good health and fortune - to celebrating Italian lifestyle!

Limited Seating 4-course Dinner - $90/person + tax & gratuity

please call or email for reservations - 831.250.6295 - - -

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